Kinlia is the event hub for the conscious creative community, where we highlight art, music, dancing, cause, yoga, meditation, underground and nerdy events, and create communities around these events.

On the Kinlia website, Apple mobile app, and Android mobile app, you can find events from sounds baths to underground dance parties, talks, ecstatic dance, creative performances, workshops, kink, storytelling, nudists and comedy.

Click on "Add Your Event" on the search bar above to add your community and events to Kinlia's event listings.

On the Apple mobile app, and Android mobile app, you can join Communities that gather together from Ecstatic Dance LA, Collab to Alchemy, House of Yes and SexPositiveWorld.

On the mobile app, you can also find people who attend the same events as you, and connect with them for friendship, dating, collaboration or activity partners.

Kinlia's vision is to create an ecosystem where event organizers can cultivate relationships with attendees and create digital communities that are extentions of their real life events.




The Kinlia platform sprung from the entrepreneurial spirit of founder Gina Levy, and her passion for human connection, hosting events and community building.

Inspired by her sixteen trips to the cultural gathering Burning Man and her leadership position running a large camp there, she learned the importance of values, principles and intentions in building and organizing communities.

In 2011, together with a group of friends, she founded the Red Barn Community, an intentional co-living community for artists and entrepreneurs in Venice Beach, California, that thrived for over a decade.

Leading up to the creation of Kinlia, Gina founded the tech and events company, Kindra Connect to bring community and events into the dating space, and produced and hosted over 500 in-person and virtual events in Southern California.

Diversity is a core value for Gina and with this as an inspiration she created the short documentary about diversity at Burning Man, "In Pursuit of Happiness: Black at Burning Man," which was prominently featured in the The New York Times.

Previously, Gina worked in business-to-business technology marketing where she was VP Marketing at a Kleiner Perkins-backed start-up that is now part of Manhattan Associates and CMO at a start-up that is now part of Brightcove. Gina is a graduate of Harvard University.



Richard has been leading high performing technology teams in the cloud ecosphere to deliver results at scale. He has a commitment to a service-oriented culture, allowing for the best user experience. Richard spent more than a decade running global DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering Organization for Herbalife. He was CTO at start-ups Nesting.com and WithoutaBox, which was acquired by Amazon. Richard started one of the first online music sites that created communities around bands, was the Director of E-community services for Be-Jane, and for Stan Lee Media and is an active participant in the Vedic Meditation Community.



The Kinlia app is designed by Austin who has over 10 years UX design experience. Previously Austin was Global Director, UX Design at Billabong, Creative Director at Tixr and Co-Founder of August App, a media sharing app for creative professionals. Austin has worked with product, design & user experience teams from small start-ups to large agencies & brands including Oakley, Google, Ray-Ban, Wunderman, WeAreEnvoy, and Vizio.